Names *NEW*

For leaving your mark on a job well done or as a useful gift for a friend or two, or five.

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Dimensions: Fits onto wooden block of 5cm x 1.7cm
Material: Polymer stamp mounted on wood

To order, just drop us an email at with the following information:

  1. Name for stamp (preferably up to 10 characters)
  2. Choice of Font: Cursive/Handwritten/Calligraphy
  3. Plain or your choice of a side (A to H)

We will then send you payment details via bank transfer in Singapore, or PayPal for overseas orders.

Prices include NORMAL postage, with an optional additional $2.50 for upgrade to registered postage with tracking number.




2 thoughts on “Names *NEW*

  1. Eudora says:

    hello Jiahui!

    I got a customized name stamp from you at the trade fair Public Garden market, with the option of the penguin (lol just tryna give you some guideline who this randomie might be – but then again when your name’s Eudora … hahaha not so random anymore – I only know like three other Eudoras, two of whom I met this yr lol.)

    I DIGRESS. The point is, princess Penguin Eudora (let me have my fancies haha I a princess penguin) has made her way to human-Eudora’s house, & is much loved by her human owner. Hahaha & the little drawstring bag was such a sweet & elegant touch! 🙂

    Stamps aren’t things I use often (I mean like, how many names do you have … and so how many do you need lol.), so I doubt I will be purchasing one for myself in a long while, but I’ll keep you in mind if I want to customize as gifts for friends! I love what I received, just .. it’s a name stamp. Kind of like spectacles, most people usually stick to one unless it spoils/gets lost, I would think!

    Thanks so much Jiahui! 🙂


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