ParadeMade makes its way into Stores!

We’ve been selling our handcrafted work online for the longest time, before taking part in a few craft markets… and now you’ll be able to find selected pieces in actual physical shops!

So now, a tiny collection of our handrafted wedding stamps are now available for sale at Blissful Brides Cafe:

Pre-made wedding stamps

Pre-made wedding stamps

And you can find our polymer stamps at the gift-wrapping stations in all Naiise stores islandwide. (I promise you they’ll be available for sale very soon!)

Gift wrapping station at Naiise, Central Clarke Quay

Gift wrapping station at Naiise, Clarke Quay Central

Admittedly it’s just a tiny microscopic step in business terms, but it’s a milestone for our humble brand, and for this we’re incredibly thankful to the partners who chose to work with us. Thank you so very much!

Blissful Brides Cafe
Delfi Orchard 402 Orchard Road #01-06 Singapore 238876

6 stores islandwide in various locations, including Orchard Gateway and Suntec


[Free Printable] Empire Builder (in the making)

Been awhile hasn’t it! 🙂 If you’ve been following us on Instagram ( and Facebook (, you’ll see that we’ve not been slacking at all. Recently we completed our #100daysofnatureinlioncity challenge (more on that in another post, hopefully soon) and embarked on a series of workshops with the National Library Board, all while appearing in various pop up markets (hello Raffles Institution and Laloolalang!).



It’s been pretty uphill but rewarding all the same. I feel like with every new design that I develop, every event that I participate in, every person that I speak to, every piece of feedback that my students provide, I am learning something fresh. It’s like the pixels on a screen slowly giving more definition bit by bit (pun unintended), and I can gradually visualize the future of my business and what I can possibly achieve.

So to my fellow Empire Builders, here’s a free printable to share. Let’s go let’s go!

Empire Builder. Right click to save to computer :)

Empire Builder. Right click to save to computer 🙂

[Free Printable] Brush Lettering with Fountain Pen Ink

One day, my brother brought home a bottle of Pelikan 4001 fountain pen ink which he picked up in school. Not really into fountain pens but I’ve been practicing brush lettering and watercolour recently, and I’m very happy with this find! The Royal Blue ink was intense enough when used neat, and if you diluted it with the water in your brush, you get this light blue shade, very much like watercolour. Plus, the ink is water-based and all around very easy to clean up after.

Brush lettering with Pelikan 4001

Brush lettering with Pelikan 4001 and Pentel Aquash pen

I later found out that each bottle of ink only costs about $5+, and is available at Popular bookstore and Art Friend, in several colours. Guess I’ll be checking them out very soon!

These are two printables that I did after meeting two of my good friends from school – we’ve known one another for many years and feeling just a little reflective that day. 😀 Just right click to save if you’re interested, I scaled them to A4 size.

Live life to the fullest

Live life to the fullest


Be like a snail

Be like a snail

[Free Printable] I can do Anything, but not Everything

It feels like the lull period is ending and orders are swarming in, together with workshops and activities and markets in the line up. Not that I’m complaining, because BUSY-ness means business! 🙂

In the midst of all these craziness, I wrote this piece as a gentle reminder to myself. (Right-click and save this to your computer or print it out, it’s free!)

Handstamped border with watercolor and calligraphy in Chinese ink and Nikko G nib

Handstamped floral border with watercolor + dip-pen calligraphy using Nikko G nib and Chinese ink

Learning and working hard brings you places yes, but at the end you’re only human with two hands and 24 hours in a day. So work SMART and focus on the things that are most important, and gives you most results first! 🙂

Corporate Stamp Making Workshop (April 2016)

A couple of weekends ago, we taught a fun stamp making workshop for our corporate partner at The People’s Avenue. It’s refreshing for colleagues to get to know one another outside the office and see one another in a new light – this helps teams to bond and work better in the workplace.

Great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Spending a Saturday morning at the sunny and cosy TPA store

A team that has fun together, works together

This workshop was designed for beginners, but I must say most of the participants did a really good job 🙂

Let's start with basic patternss from the ParadeMade worksheet

Starting with basic patterns from the ParadeMade worksheet

It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

If you’re looking for a team building activity for your company, just drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help! We prepare all the materials so just bring yourselves and have fun.

Photos by The People’s Avenue