6 Tips for Working from Home

Well I have been working from home for the past 6 months and I must admit that I really enjoy the freedom to work in the comfort of my own home. That said, it’s not all rosy when you’re home alone with your work all the time. If this is something you’re considering, here are my 6 tips worth.

Tip 1: Segregate work from leisure

Don’t even try to work on your laptop while sitting in front of the TV. You end up with mistakes in your work, and you don’t fully enjoy that hilarious episode of The Big Bang Theory. It’s much more productive if you allocate say, 1 hour to TV each day, and then retreat to your work desk and move on with your work.

Tip 2: Stay healthy

If you’re stuck at home all the time, the more sedentary you’ll tend to be, and that means no good for your body and health! Try to find time in the morning for a 20-minute workout or yoga routine (try https://www.youtube.com/user/popsugartvfit), and start the day with a nutritious breakfast your body will thank you for (currently loving cucumber smoothies). Clean and light does it.

Tip 3: Stick to a routine

Now this is something I’m still trying to calibrate for myself, because I’m working way too long hours. Ideally, I would wake up at 8am, start work at 9am, lunch at 1pm, dinner at 7pm and go to bed at 11pm. Well close enough for me, just that I have been sleeping way past midnight instead every night.

Tip 4: Keep learning

Having less distractions from a normal workplace gives you more opportunities to pick up new skills. Take up a course in pottery, grab some books from the library or read the papers. There’re tons of things you can learn off the internet these days – I taught myself calligraphy! 😀

Tip 5: Maintain relationships

The hardest thing about leaving an office environment for me was missing my friends and colleagues. Basically, it becomes quiet and there’s no one you can laugh around or discuss work with or bob to the latest Taylor Swift songs. Please keep yourself sane by keeping in contact with humans, i.e. your friends, and meet over lunch once in awhile.

Tip 6: Beat the Crowd

Banks and post offices and malls are least crowded when everyone else is at work. Plan your day such that you don’t waste time waiting in line for something that can be done in 5 minutes during off-peak hours. Also good time to check out that cafe promotion that only runs from 2 – 5pm on weekdays.

Got more tips and experience to share about working from home? Leave a comment below!



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