How much Money would you have if you saved up all your Coins for a year?

Do you remember how your parents and teachers always preached about saving for a rainy day? I guess there must be a storm in here, for we just made a MAJOR purchase – involving cash amounting to more digits than you can count on one hand (!)

Incidentally, the Boyfriend is a huge advocate of saving, and empties out all his coins into his piggy bank the first thing he returns home, every single day. Over time, he has accumulated so many coins that all his money boxes were jam full, and the coins had to be stored in plastic bags and stashed away in his wardrobe.

Three good years of loose change to our rescue this time! We spent several meditative hours sorting and counting the coins together, and having a good laugh at our plight good fortune. Yup we are are humorous like that.

Let's play The Price is Right!

Let’s play The Price is Right!

And the grand total came up to… $1047.40!

This amount was accumulated over three years, so you should expect to chalk up a good $300+ per year, just nice for that international Christmas buffet for two at a fancy hotel!

Hey that’s not too bad, not bad at all yo! To us, it was a bonus, like finding that little golden nugget that you’ve put away and forgotten about all these years. Though these are just coins and loose change, they will help to offset some of the downpayment for our purchase, and we’re off to a great start on ground zero again! 🙂

(Dear Bank, if you’re reading this, we’ll be happy to work with you on your savings marketing campaigns!)


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