Arty Things in Georgetown, Penang

My family visited Penang in Malaysia over the Christmas period, and my brother and I went crazy snapping photos of everything we saw – he with his DSLR and me with my trusty Canon dummy point-and-shoot.

Colourful Penang

One of the objectives of the trip was to hunt for the many wall murals which we’ve heard so much about from our friends. Initially we didn’t know where to start looking, until my brother spotted this:

YES! That was a great start. We popped into the shop adjacent to this mural and the friendly guy readily marked out the areas on a map where the cluster of wall murals were. We spent the next 2 hours walking around the town and these are a few of my favourites:

I think this wall mural project is a brilliant idea to bring Georgetown back to life. It is much like a fresh breath of life to introduce an exciting treasure hunt for visitors to explore the otherwise rundown and outdated town, to discover the colorful and quaint nooks and crannies it holds.

Download the Penang Street Art Brochure here, courtesy of Tourism Penang.

Is it just me or do the people in Penang really like cats a lot?


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