How to Wind a Bobbin on a Manual Ranleigh Sewing Machine

As a little girl I remember watching my mum mending our clothes with this super old-school sewing machine, which was passed down from her grandmother. I’ve always been fascinated with this curious machine. For one, I found it really fun to step on the pedal and watching the rest of the machine come to live. How could anyone create something so intricate, and works so beautifully without any need for electrical power?

This very sewing machine sits in a corner of my home and I have quietly taken possession over this beautiful contraption, fiddling with it when mum’s not around :p Unfortunately, no one really taught me how to use it and there aren’t many helpful links on the internet so I kind of figured my way around using the machine. 
For the benefit of others who might be looking for tutorials for the Ranleigh sewing machine or other similar maual machines,  here I would like to share my method of winding a bobbin. I’m not certain if this is the right way of doing it but hey, as long as it works right?
Do note that for Step 4, the notches on the bobbin and winder need to fit into each other.
You should end up with something like this:
Then just pedal till your bobbin is fully wound! 🙂


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