Watercolour Coral Reef at TANGS Orchard

TANGS, or more known as C K Tang, is one of the longest standing and iconic landmarks of Singapore’s most famous shopping street, Orchard Road. The home-bred departmental store was founded in 1932, way before independence. (That’s a long time, in Singaporean terms.) Today, the quaint green and red pagoda-like architecture of TANGS Orchard stands out amongst the glitzy buildings like a wise matron.

The quaint architecture of TANGS Orchard
Pair of stone lions standing guard outside TANGS Orchard

On a chance visit to TANGS Orchard recently, I was immediately drawn to the refreshing beautiful watercolour coral reef theme decorating the TANGS shop windows. Across the various floors, the entire TANGS departmental store was accented with installations of pastel watercolour aqua and coral hues. One would imagine a large store like TANGS to use fibreglass or other expensive materials to decorate their storefront. However, on closer look, the installations appeared to be handmade from easily obtainable materials!

Handmade Coral Reef

The coral was cut from styrofoam and painted, while the sea anemone-look-alike was made simply by dipping the ends of plastic drinking straws in paint, then tightening the bunch with cable tie to make them fan out.

Sea Anemone made from drinking straws

These jellyfish looked easy enough to make, by cutting strips of pastel pink, purple and blue paper and securing them onto rings. (On a side note, the colors remind me of litmus paper)

Jellyfish made from paper

And finally, I spotted this nice girly installation by Martina Pink, using colored wooden pegs. Love it!


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