Singapore Trees

People seldom remember how green Singapore is, until they visit other countries and feel scorched by the immense heat with no place to hide. Unfortunately, I was caught in such a situation not too long ago, on a cycling trip to Pengerang, Malaysia.

Little did I expect the road on which we were cycling to be totally bare. It was an endless stretch of road flanked by remote villages and oil palm plantations.  The sun was beating down upon our backs and I was on the brink of exhaustion from the heat. I had to stop, and so did my companions. We sat under the nearest tree and was surprised at how cool it was. It was a brief stop but we were energized enough to resume our journey to the seafood restaurants.

An umbrella shaped Rain Tree in Seletar, Singapore

If a tree had a heart, it would be a big heart. It spreads out its long arms to shelter us from the sun and rain. It unselfishly supports the countless animals and plants which depend on it to live. And it stays rooted long after its owners have gone (giving rise to the phrase ‘I’ll root for you’?).

Singapore is a mere dot on the map, a miniscule country with a ballooning population. I just wish that the growth of the country will not be carried out at the expense of our big hearted loyal companions 😦


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