Singapore Esplanade

I had the good honor of watching a friend’s performance at the Esplanade theatres recently. While I’ve been to the Esplanade countless times, most of the time I’d be hanging out in the cosy, artsy-fartsy public library or having heart-to-heart-talks with my close friends at the roof garden. This is the first time I’ve watched a show in the performing theatre. (Checks another item off to-do list)

Singapore’s cityscape from Esplanade Roof Garden

I remember when the Esplanade Theatres by the Bay just opened – it must have been around 10 years ago – and the buzz it created. The Esplande is fondly refered to as 榴梿殼, which means Durian Shell, with reference to the spiky glass roofs of the two domes and the pungent fruit that is popular with many locals.

Night view of the Esplanade – absolutely gorgeous

Some critics found the design ridiculous and even hideous, while others felt that the two domes resembled the complex eyes of houseflies. But in any case, the unique shape of the Esplanade theatres have added a quirky touch to Singapore’s awesome city skyline and it’s awesome!

Esplanade rubber stamp

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