Draw Something: Season of Harvest Fall Painting

I live in a tropical climate where the only two seasons are indoors and outdoors 😦 The weather is constantly hot and humid throughout the year, and time trudges along silently with no indication. And before we know it, it has zoomed right past us without warning! 

Hence, I have always looked forward to visiting countries where seasons change at different times of the year. The environment is dynamic and it will be interesting to watch the landscape change with the seasons. It’s nature’s cycle of renewal and growth, and its way of reminding us of the time that has passed.

Season of Harvest, done with acrylics on stretched canvas

I have had the good fortune of experiencing the crisp air of Spring, the sun in the Summer, and the chill of Winter — all exhilarating experiences which I wouldn’t be able to get enough of (ok, save for the summer heat cos we have lots of it here). 

I haven’t experienced Fall before, but I imagine hues of golden and red in the fields and on the trees, with cool breezes and falling leaves. And a yellow tint on the entire landscape.

Pencil sketch + background wash
Paint the larger areas first, followed by the shadows
Finally, add in the details, highlighting the areas where light falls. 

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